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Dharma Realm Buddhist Association
Monasteries and Centers

Addresses for Monasteries and Centers

City of Ten Thousand Buddhas

Talmage, California

Gold Mountain Sagely Monastery

San Francisco, California

City of the Dharma Realm

Sacramento, California

Gold Sage Monastery

San Jose, California

Institute for World Religions
Berkeley Buddhist Monastery

Berkeley, California

Gold Wheel Sagely Monastery

Los Angeles, California

Long Beach Sagely Monastery

Long Beach, California

Blessings, Prosperity &
Longevity Monastery

Long Beach, California

Gold Summit Monastery

Seattle, Washington

Avatamsaka Hermitage

Potomac, Maryland

Avatamsaka Monastery

Calgary, Alberta

Gold Buddha Sagely Monastery

Vancouver, B.C.

International Translation

Burlingame, California

Dharma Realm Buddhist
Books Distribution Society

Taiwan R.O.C.

Tze Yun Tung Temple

Kuala Lumpur