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DharmaNet International is an electronic publisher and a central clearinghouse of networked Buddhist resources around the world. Online since 1991, it was a pioneer in the use of BBS and Internet technologies to promote the availability of Buddhist teachings to all people everywhere, inclusive of all Buddhist schools and traditions. It continues to be one of the most used, and extensive, of Buddhist resources on the 'Net.

As a friend and partner in Dharma, we'd like to extend to you an invitation to be an Affiliate Member of DharmaNet International.

The DharmaNet International WebRing is open to Buddhist websites, of all lineages, whose primary focus is Buddhadharma. We seek to be inclusive and supportive of all schools of the Middle Path, and to promote high standards of quality and morality.

Personal homepages are generally not considered appropriate for Affiliate Membership, unless they offer substantive resources for the Buddhist community. We are are happy, though, to add links to personal pages at DharmaNet International's Gateways to Buddhism website.

Membership in the DharmaNet International Webring is a way of helping support the work of DharmaNet, as well as helping to facilitate greater visibility and access to your own website. It is a badge of commitment to quality, morality, and Buddhadharma.

DISCLAIMER: Affiliate Membership in DharmaNet International should not be considered an endorsement of any site or its associated teachers, teachings, policies, politics, or activities. The community of the Webring contains, and promotes, diversity and it is the responsibility of the individual to use their own discrimination. The DharmaNet International WebRing provides many useful starting points in your quest for good teachings from the Buddhist traditions. The final judgment is yours alone.

May all beings benefit from this shared work!

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Once you submit this request you have seven days to get the fragment installed. After seven days the queue automatically rejects your application and you will need to apply again. So be sure you are ready to make the changes to your page before you submit.

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