DharmaNet's Guide to Dharma Teachers:

An Online Who's Who

This resource is intended to help individuals who are unfamiliar with certain teachers to find thumbnail sketches of their background and teaching approach, and ultimately, some reference as to where they teach or how to contact them.

To facilitate quicker online viewing, the guide is now divided into four sections: Theravada, Vajrayana, Zen/Ch'an, and Other Buddhist Traditions. Some teachers teach in more than one style or tradition; therefore, it may be advisable to look in more than one tradition when searching for a particular teacher.

If any teacher is not listed here, it is simply that I have not yet had time to research a "bio" or that no one has submitted one to me. Please submit brief bios in the format found here to: teachers@dharmanet.org and I will add it as soon as I can. Please help this resource to grow.

If you create a link to this resource, please link to http://www.dharmanet.org/teachers.html so that your link will always work, even if the names of individual pages change.

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