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SITUATION WANTED: I'm a young woman who would like to do a long retreat in a monastery setting withing the Soto Zen tradition. I'm looking for some addresses in Japan or other Asian countries, even if other Western Countries are also welcomed. I'd be able to pay a fee but foreseeing a permanent situation. Thanks. Gassho. ana.santori@usa.net, Brussels, Belgium. [14 Jan 99]

SITUATION WANTED: We are a young, practicing couple, treading the path, looking for a supportive environment to establish "right livelihood and concentration". Skills in household chores and managerial work. We are happy to volunteer our efforts for room and board, if possible a small stipend would be helpful. Damien Flores and Ali Tenney, Stormville NY. [8 Jan 99]

SITUATION WANTED: Serious practicing Buddhist interested in volunteering in lieu of room/board at a temple or monastery in the USA. 10 years office experience--excellent references. Energetic, focused but light hearted. Will work in any capacity or regardless the task. Team player. Committed to Buddhism growing and the spirit of Dana. My past experience has been through Spirit Rock and I'm currently living at a local Zen Temple and have experience with monastics. Roberto Vicente [7 Jan 99]

FOR SALE: Dhamma Talk tapes by the late Ven. Ayya Khema. Proceeds from tape sales benefit Buddha-Haus in Germany. For a list of tapes of all U.S. retreats, please send $2 to: Carl Provder, 1416 Elva Terrace, Encinitas CA 92024. [1 Jan 99]

SITUATION WANTED: Bodywork instructor and DharmaNet founder, Barry Kapke, has a dream for a Dhammic healing retreat center, offering instruction and practice opportunities for physical and spiritual wellness. The body is a tremendous teacher. The retreat center would provide a supportive environment to help nourish and purify body and mind, cultivate wholesome lifestyle choices, and develop new tools for personal and spiritual growth and insight. Gifts of land, development capital, and involvement are needed. If you can help to make this vision a reality, please contact: Barry Kapke [1 Jan 99].

SEEKING DHARMA - I currently reside in the Buffalo NY area and I am very much interested in learning Buddhist teachings. Where can I go for instructions and meet other people in this area? Help much appreciated. Paul. [16 Dec 98]

SEEKING DHARMA GROUP, PEN PALS - New to Buddhism. Would like to learn more. Looking for group, in northern Orange County CA, to learn more about buddhism and its practice. Would also like correspondence with others who are willing to give me information on Buddhism. Thank you for your time. Eric. [15 Dec 98]

LOOKING FOR A FRIEND/PARTNER - Central Contra Costa County, California - After practicing for 20 years I find that my life has changed in many respects. Values, goals and lifestyle - to name just three. Finding a partner who also has an interest in simple living, commitment to practise and just watching life unfold is turning out to be quite difficult. When I saw this classified section I thought, what better place to look? So if you would like to meet a male 59-year-old, writer, apprentice eccentric, e-mail Tim. [5 Dec 98]

SITUATION WANTED - I am seeking a monastery or retreat center at which I can live and study (1-4 months, beginning as early as January) in exchange for work, as I am a student with no funds. I have been studying Buddhism in an academic context and would like the opportunity to begin a formal meditation practice in a disciplined community. Rosemary Anne Chase. [23 Nov 98]

VIPASSANA IN GERMANY? - American expat looking for vipassana practitioners to meditate with in the Duesseldorf/Cologne area. Gail Manning. [22 Nov 98]

CHILDREN'S DHAMMA BOOKS - As a Buddhist practitioner for a number a years I would like to help my 12-year daughter to plant the seed of Dhamma in herself. The way I live is one kind of help, but I feel the other help in this very sad corner of the world would be some children's Buddhist literature like stories about the Buddha's previous lives, etc. If you feel you could afford some dana books please sent it to: Branko Kovacevic, M. Gorkog 6/59, 21000 Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. Metta, Branko. [21 Nov 98]

GROUP FORMING - A silent meditation group is being organized in the Morganton, NC area. If you are interested in becoming involved or would just like more information please let me know. Thank you. Jitsudo James Reel. [19 Nov 98]

GROUP FORMING - I am seeking a new Jodo Shin Shu organization and I would like to start that organization and temple in Northern New Jersey (Bergan/Hudson Counties). It will be new and reaching for both Easterners and Westerners. I plan for growth and a University. I have a BA/MA from Berkley in Buddha-Dharma and wish to start immediately. Thank you, further discussion is encouraged. Tino Rozzo [16 Nov 98].

DHARMA CORRESPONDENCE: I seek anyone who would be interested in teaching me fundamentals of the Dharma. I have been interested for years and now wish to practice. Justin Burket, Fairbanks AK. [26 Oct 98]

FREE DHARMA BOOKS - We have several free dhamma books available. The Visuddhi Magga, Gems of Buddhist Wisdom, The Anapanasati Sutta, et al. If you can afford it please consider dana/donation so we may continue to give them to those who cannot. Thank you. Insight Mission Society, Burbank CA. [25 Oct 98].

SITUATION WANTED - I am a 23 year old male who would like to spend 1-1.5 years in a Buddhist Center/ Monastery (rituals at a minimum, if at all). I am a dedicated meditator who would like to go deeper into my practice. I am looking for a place with progressive, well-rounded, and warm-hearted instructors. My funds are very limited. Please contact me. Dani Chazanas, Los Angeles CA. [18 Oct 98]

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