Barry Kapke (b: 10/10/55) is a Libra, Aries rising, born in the year of the Sheep/Ram. He lives with his companion and four cats in the SF Bay Area. He loves gardening, photography, and is learning about straw bale housing construction. He considers himself a nudist Buddhist (or is that a Buddhist nudist?).

By profession, Barry is a massage & bodywork therapist and instructor. He is the originator of Insight Bodywork, a gentle form of healing and integrative bodywork that explores skillful means of living consciously in the body; it is a nurturing yoga for both practitioner and recipient. In order to promote the development and teaching of Insight Bodywork, Barry founded The Bodhiwork Institute in 1997. He is on the teaching staff at San Francisco School of Massage, The Mindful Body in SF, The Institute for Health Improvement in Oakland, and is a frequent guest lecturer at San Francisco State University's Holistic Health Department. His private practice, Living in the Body, offers bodywork sessions for individuals, as well as an annual series of workshops in the Bay Area, and throughout the USA, for bodywork professionals and for anyone interested in getting to know their own bodies better. If you'd like Barry to teach a workshop in your community, please contact him at bodhiwork@dharmanet.org

Barry is a Certified Instructor with the American Oriental Bodywork Therapy Association (AOBTA), as well as a professional member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) and the National Association of Pregnancy Massage Therapists (NAPMT).

Barry's dream is the creation of a Budddhist healing retreat center, where meditation practice, therapeutic spa therapies and bodyworks, and a simple, natural lifestyle environment can be made available to people of all income levels. If you'd like to help realize this vision, please contact bodhiwork@dharmanet.org

In 1991, Barry founded DharmaNet International. Originally, DharmaNet was an international network of BBS operators, making use of electronic mail to discuss Dharma and to publish electronic Dharma books and the e-journal Gassho. As DharmaNet grew, the technologies of the Internet became more and more central to DharmaNet's mission: helping people anywhere in the world to find access to Dharma teaching and teachers, and to explore uses of technology to support Dharma practice. DharmaNet's Gateways to Buddhism was one of the first to pioneer use of the World Wide Web as an informational clearinghouse for Buddhist resources. DharmaNet remains the most important central resource for Buddhist information of all traditions. Barry felt strongly that DharmaNet be a prominent model of dana and is offered freely in the Dhammic principle of supporting that which is worthy of support and refraining from supporting that which is not worthy of support.

Barry's own practice is Theravadin, in the Thai Forest Monastic tradition of northern Thailand. He is closely associated with Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery in Redwood Valley CA and is a co-founder of weekly sitting groups in Berkeley and in Concord.

Barry may be reached by e-mail at dharma@dharmanet.org or by postal mail at:

DharmaNet International
P.O. Box 4951
Berkeley CA 94704-4951 USA.

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