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Buddhist InfoWeb

DharmaNet's Buddhist InfoWeb is a central directory of lay and monastic Dharma centers, organizations, and practice groups. Please help keep this resource complete and up-to-date.

To add or update a Dharma center or group to the Buddhist Infoweb, please use the online form if at all possible. If your web browser does not support forms, please e-mail the appropriate information to links@dharmanet.org

It is exciting to see the growth of online Dharma (and to remember that DharmaNet was one of the pioneers). Since the listing of Buddhist centers and organizations has expanded exponentially, DharmaNet's Buddhist InfoWeb is now split into separate pages for the various Schools/Traditions. This is intended to speed up page loading/access and to make editing/updating a little easier. It is still our hope that Buddhists will investigate and interact with all Buddhist lineages, not just their own. The unified, non-parochial support of Buddhist teaching/practice is a central purpose of DharmaNet. Please support local/global Buddhist groups whenever possible to keep the Dharma alive.

Buddhist InfoWeb:

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General Directories:
Buddhist Associations, Centers and Practice Groups:

These listings are of general directories or Buddhist organizations that are inclusive of many Buddhist traditions. Organizations specific to a given tradition are listed on the InfoWeb page specific to that tradition.

This resource is optimized for transmission speed and intentionally avoids graphics, frames, and applets. This document is a part of the Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library, and is owned and maintained by DharmaNet International. Please e-mail comments, corrections, updates to webmaster@dharmanet.org

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