What Can I Do to Help?

DharmaNet is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit service. More importantly, it is a community of individuals, most of whom have never met each other but who share a vision of global community in the teachings of the Buddha. There are no paid workers here. Everything that happens in this virtual Dharma center is the fruit of volunteered efforts from people like you and me. Dharmanet could not grow, nor even exist, without the goodwill and donations of time, energy and resources from people who share this vision.

If you have found DharmaNet to be of value to you, please consider offering your help in whatever ways you can. Your generosity (dana) is gratefully appreciated.

Order Dharma Books

You may now order books (or music, audiobooks, videos, DVDs, etc)) through The DharmaNet Store, an Amazon.com Associate, and your order will help support DharmaNet International.

Financial Support

As has been the practice in the Buddha sasana for over 2,500 years, Dharma is priceless and is offered freely to all. The other half of this traditional partnership is the acknowledgement that Dharma is of value in our lives and to make offerings from our heart to nurture and to sustain the presence of dharma in our lives -- to choose to support that which is worthy of support.

DharmaNet is a Dharma center, a place of practice and Dharma teaching. The operation of this site is part of our practice of Dharma. We are committed to making the Dharma accessible to all, without obstruction and without cost. As with any Dharma center or monastery, we are completely dependent upon your goodwill to sustain us. Obviously, it costs money to provide and to maintain a resource such as this. Your financial offerings, regardless of size, are important and enable this site to exist.

Other Donations

DharmaNet makes a little go a long way. Our physical resources are quite modest, and, consequently, that impacts upon our ability to be as effective as we'd like to be.

Upgrading our computer system would be an enormous help. A laptop would also be very helpful.

Much of the data input at DharmaNet is typed in by hand. A flatbed scanner and OCR software is much needed.

At some time, DharmaNet must also upgrade its access to the Internet. Currently we access the Internet via a PPP account to an Internet Service Provider who houses our web site, over a 28.8K modem. As you know, this is a very slow and inefficient way to work. It is hoped we can eventually permanently link our host computer to the Internet via a T3 line (or even as ISDN line), greatly improving the maintainability of the site, as well as allowing DharmaNet to be directly and interactively accessible via telnet sessions.

Donations towards basic operating needs -- stamps, envelopes, paper, phone costs, etc -- are also appreciated ways of helping.

DharmaNet International hopes to be incorporated as a not-for-profit charitable and religious corporation this year. This will allow future contributions to DharmaNet International to be tax-deductable.

Spread the Word

In the few years that DharmaNet has been in existence, it has grown and changed and influenced the lives of tens of thousands of people throughout the world. This has happened largely through word of mouth. If you find DharmaNet to be valuable to you personally, or if you think that DharmaNet's mission of preserving and cultivating Buddhist values and teachings in the Dharma-Ending Age is a worthy project, or if you simply think DharmaNet is a positive presence on the Internet, please tell your friends and colleagues. If you maintain your own Web page, please consider linking DharmaNet to it. Your help in helping others to find DharmaNet is greatly appreciated.

If you'd care to participate in our "Adopt-an-Ad" program, you can help in a big way to enhance DharmaNet's visibility. By sponsoring an advertisement in magazines such as Tricycle, Snow Lion, Shambhala Sun, Mandala, Inquiring Mind, Mountain Record, The Ten Directions, Turning Wheel, Natural Health, Yoga Journal, Yoga International, and so forth, we can be visible to thousands of individuals who may not otherwise find DharmaNet. Please contact us if you'd care to offer support in this way.

If you operate a Buddhist website yourself, please consider joining our webring and becoming an affiliate member of DharmaNet International. DharmaNet has been helping turn the online Dharma wheel since 1991. Be a part of this pioneering, international network of Dharma practice and study.

Share your talents or expertise

It is time for DharmaNet International to incorporate. This is a big step. If you can offer legal or accounting assistance, especially if you are local to the San Francisco Bay Area, we really need your help.

DharmaNet's Dharma Book Transcription Project has published over fifty "electronic" Dharma books for free distribution. We need a new volunteer Coordinator for this project, and volunteers are always welcome and needed for transcribing/scanning texts, proofreading, formatting, etc.

DharmaNet's pioneering electronic journal, Gassho, has been out of circulation for several years now. We very much would like to renew Gassho and have it appearing with regularity. We are looking for volunteers to fill the position of Managing Editor and other production staff. Writers and reviewers are always encouraged to contact us. Submissions of articles, or books for review, are welcomed.

DharmaNet maintains databases and directories of Dharma centers and Buddhist organizations throughout the world. Much of the information for these projects comes from people who've appreciated a Buddhist resource in their community and who want to help make it visible and accessible for others. Please let us know about Dharma groups in your community. If you'd care to be a "Dharma scout" for your local area, serving as an information liason between Buddhist groups in your vicinnity and DharmaNet, this would be extremely helpful.

If you notice that information presented on DharmaNet has changed or is incorrect, or if a link has stopped working, please let us know.

Online forms have been created to allow people to submit information in a uniform manner. However, I still have to manually cut and paste all of the information that comes in to create the listings. I am certain this process could be automated so that information can be input in a more timely and efficient manner. I don't know how to do that, however. If anyone can help with programming such a task, that would be of enormous benefit.

We all learn from each other. We all can help one another. If you have particular skills you'd like to make available, there most certainly exists someone who needs just that information or skill that you possess. The newsgroups/lists are excellent places to practice compassion and sharing and to develop Dharma friends. Sitting on a zafu or sitting at your computer -- what you do right now is an opportunity for cultivating Sila, Samadhi, and Prajna.


A kind word goes a long way! We very much appreciate hearing how DharmaNet has been of value to you. It is important for us to know that real people are out there and that the work of DharmaNet International is useful. If all you can offer is to say "Thanks for being here and for doing what you are doing", that is a precious gift.

I thank you for being here. May our work together benefit all beings.

With metta,
Barry Kapke, Director
DharmaNet International

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