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A Community of Friends

Buddhist community is built on mutual support and interaction. The monastic community depends upon the care and support of the lay community. The lay community looks to the monastic community for spiritual teaching and moral example. Together, a wonderfully balanced interrelationship enables the two communities to co-exist and to enrich one another.

DharmaNet International, too, relies upon its circle of friends for support, and we hope our existence helps people throughout the world. This page is intended to acknowledge those who support the DharmaNet project, and whose contributions sustain the conditions for this work to continue and to grow.

With gratitude, we wish to acknowledge our growing community of friends.

Robert Aitken Roshi. Amaro Bhikkhu. Hiroaki Aosima. Carl Bielefeldt. Bhikkhu Bodhi. Buddhist Publication Society. John Bullitt. Hideo and Fumie Chihashi. Mitsue Chihashi. Ven. Thubten Chodron. T. Matthew Ciolek. Roger Corless. Frank J. Crawford. Kim Day. Rev. Karuna Dharma. Dharma Seed Tape Library. Anna Douglas. Christina Feldman. Lama Gangcen Tulku Rinpoche. Maha Ghosananda. Joseph Goldstein. Brian W. Goodyear. Joan Halifax. Heidi Harrison. Takaaki Hirano. Maryanne James. Barry Kapke. Ven. Ayya Khema. Anne C. Klein. Jack Kornfield. Fred Kral. Kathryn Krug. V.K. Leary. Jacqueline Mandell. Don R. McCotter. Ken McLeod. Brian McLuckie. Yayoi Okai. Andrew Olendzki. Paula Pagano. Ven. Benton Pandito. Pasanno Bhikkhu. Charles S. Prebish. Sudhakar Reddy. G. Eric Roudabush. Paul K. Seaton. Pabitra Sen. Alan Senauke. Deborah Jo Shachnow. Rev. Heng Sure. Thanissaro Bhikkhu. Christopher Titmuss. Yuko Wakabayasi. Wang, din-I. Tosiko Ymagigishi.

May the merits of these offerings be shared by all beings.
May all beings be happy and free from all suffering.

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