DharmaNet International receives an average of 50-100 e-mail correspondences per day. This mail is read, sorted, and processed by one person. In an effort to help with the sorting process and to hopefully expedite quicker processing of information for the DharmaNet resource libraries, special mailboxes have been set up at dharmanet.org to help funnel messages to the appropriate "desks". Please use these special addresses wherever possible, but if you forget, or if its just more convenient, you can always send any communication to our general e-mail address: dharma@dharmanet.org

Please don't send the same information to multiple "dharmanet.org" addresses. The different "usernames" are just to expedite sorting and processing and are all read by the same person. Multiple postings of the same information slow down the processing of that information.

Please use the online forms if you can, rather than just e-mailing info, as this allows for much easier formatting and quicker processing of the information you submit. Remember, all the information on DharmaNet is maintained by one person -- so if it seems to be taking longer than you think it should to get your information online, please be patient.

Your input and contributions are needed and appreciated. Thank you!

DharmaNet International can also be reached via postal mail or fax:

DharmaNet International
P.O. Box 4951
Berkeley CA 94704-4951 USA
Fax: (925) 689-7168

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