DharmaNet's Gateways to Buddhism is an online clearinghouse for Buddhist study and practice resources. It is home to Dharmanet's own in-house databases and collections, as well as providing links to all online Buddhist resources, large and small. This public service is coordinated by DharmaNet International and is funded entirely through donations.

DharmaNet offers this www/ftp site freely in hopes of helping Buddhists and other interested individuals around the globe to find Dhamma teachings and teachers, to help support Dhamma centers in all traditions, to promote dialogue and communication, and to help build a vital and cooperative online Buddhist community.

We can't operate this site without your help. If you know of any resource that should be included here, or if there are suggestions for ways to improve our service or interface, please contact us. Your feedback is much appreciated. Just as important (but more difficult to ask for) is financial support. DharmaNet is, and will always be, a free service, offered as Dhamma dana. If you or your organization find this site useful, and our vision worthy of support, please consider helping in whatever ways you can. Any offering, large or small, is significant and helps this work to continue and to grow. Thanks!

DharmaNet needs your help!

  • DharmaNet began in 1991 as a grassroots organization, hoping to help make the Dharma readily accessible to anyone, anywhere. When someone is looking for a Buddhist resource, DharmaNet is one of the first places they look. Unfortunately, people do not consider the necessity of supporting DharmaNet. DharmaNet has bills to pay; it needs people to do the work of maintaining and keeping information timely; it needs to be supported. Over the years, DharmaNet founder Barry Kapke has kept this important resource alive, funding it almost entirely through his own funds and doing most of the work of maintaining it himself. It has become an overwhelming job for one person and I need your help if DharmaNet is to continue to be a lighthouse of Dharma.

  • I have created online forms to allow people to submit information in a uniform format. However, I still have to manually cut and paste all of the information that comes in to create the listings. I am certain this process could be automated so that information can be input in a more timely and efficient manner. I don't know how to do that, however. If anyone can help with programming such a task, that would be of enormous benefit.

  • Your help and generosity in other ways is also needed and appreciated. If DharmaNet is worthy of support, please help however you can.

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