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The Bodhiwork Institute was founded as a learning center for the practice of body arts, meditation, and ethical living.

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Insight Bodywork

The Bodhiwork Institute is the international home and training center for Insight Bodywork. Insight Bodywork (IB) is an eclectic and intuitive approach to balancing of body/mind/spirit through a unique interweaving of massage, movement, and meditation. The practice of sati (mindfulness) and metta (lovingkindness) is integral to the Insight Bodywork process, resulting in a way of working that is spontaneous, playful, and sacred.

People receiving Insight Bodywork may typically experience a clear sense of alert calm, of enhanced vitality, of feeling at ease in the body (even where pain is present), and of having greater awareness and choice in one's body-being. Physically, there is often marked improvement in flexibility and movement of joints; relaxation and a reduction in feelings of physical, mental or emotional stress; enhanced structural (postural) awareness and comfort; improved circulation of blood, lymph, breath, energy; and improved elimination of toxins from the system. Because of this work's emphasis on mutual support and non-force, the practitioner, as well as the recipient, experiences benefit.

The basic 100-hour Insight Bodywork course develops unique myofascial and acupressure skills and "tools" for the massage therapy professional. The training is also an excellent program of self-development for any individual wanting to understand, and to be more actively involved in, his or her own personal growth and wellness.


Insight Bodywork is currently being taught both at The Bodhiwork Institute in Concord CA and at San Francisco School of Massage, by Insight Bodywork's originator, Barry Kapke. The basic course is presented in an on-going, continuous cycle, which you can begin at any point. Once begun, however, regularity of attendance is important. No previous massage training is required. Small classes guarantee personal attention from Sensei Kapke. Advanced study is also available at The Bodhiwork Institute.

"Living in the Body" Workshop Series

In addition to Insight Bodywork training, The Bodhiwork Institute also offers Living in the Body workshops in Traditional Thai Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Breema Bodywork, Do-In (self-massage), Swedish/Esalen Massage, and other special-focus bodywork classes. These one- and two-day workshops provide Continuing Education for bodywork professionals. There are also periodic offerings, such as "Massage for Partners, Friends & Family", that serve as excellent introductions to the art of touch.

Massage & Bodywork

Private massage sessions are available by appointment.

To make an appointment for a bodywork session with Barry Kapke, call or try our Online Secretary.


For those seeking movement practice, The Bodhiwork Institute offers instruction in Bodhi Yoga, a flowing set of gentle asanas, or postures, with a meditative focus; and Self-Breema, an extensive and diverse repertoire of energy-balancing movements from Kurdistan.

For dancers, athletes, and anyone wanting greater non-force flexibility and ease in movement, Ann Mari Spector's Floor Barre class will help you understand how your body moves and how to improve its abilities.


A sitting meditation group meets weekly at The Bodhiwork Institute. The group is affiliated with Theravada Buddhist practice in the Forest Sangha tradition of Northern Thailand, but the group is open to anyone who practices, or would like to learn, sitting meditation. Dhamma study and discussion days are scheduled periodically to help deepen one's understanding of Buddhist teaching and its application to daily life.

The Bodhiwork Store

You may now order books, audiobooks, music, videos, DVDs, software, and more, through The Bodhiwork Store, an Associate of Amazon.com and Beyond.com, and your purchases will help support the non-profit work of DharmaNet International.

Contacting Us

For further information about any, or all, of these offerings, please contact The Bodhiwork Institute at (925) 689-7238 or e-mail bodhiwork@dharmanet.org

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