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How do we break away from our own mental habits which cloud our mind and propel us to act negatively? To liberate ourself and others from suffering by cultivating compassion and recognizing our innate uncontrived wisdom is the Buddhist path. Buddha is NOT a god but a reflection of our own natural perfection beyond birth and death. Furthermore, many people have mistaken the Buddha's wisdom of "emptiness" for nihilism. Emptiness does NOT mean nothingness or any negation but rather it implies a clear awareness free from all mental constructs. More than 2500 years ago, Buddha Shakyamuni, the fourth historical Buddha, realized complete liberation from the suffering of cyclic existence and passed down 84000 teachingsDharma Wheelfrom his spontaneous enlightened wisdom to help beings of various dispositions and backgrounds. His lineagesMalaof oral transmissions have been kept unbroken to the present days by the kind Tibetan Buddhist teachers.Buddha statue

Wu Tai Mountain Sino-Tibetan Buddhist Study Group recognizes a lack of authentic Tibetan material written in Chinese on the subject and publishes a free bi-monthly newsletter collecting Chinese translations of the teachings taught by the great Tibetan lamas. This web page is dedicated to make the newsletter Ocean of Merit even more accessible. Although mere intellectual studies bring about relatively little benefits, it is nevertheless a starting point. One should search patiently and carefully for an authentic teacher with an unbroken lineage and selfless qualities who can remove all doubts from one's mind stream and give guidance on the path. Click for Milarepa's Life Story

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Liberation Upon Seeing....
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May all sentient beings have happiness and the causes of happiness.
May they be free from suffering and the causes of suffering.
May they never be separate from the supreme bliss which is free from all suffering.
May they come to rest in the non-conceptual equanimity, which is free from all attachment and aversion.


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The Mantra of Compassion pronounced as: Om Ma Ni Bpay May Hung

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