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Information Quality WWW Virtual Library

The Internet Guide to Construction of Quality Online Resources

Established: 15 Mar 1996. Last updated: 05 May 1998.

Dr T.Matthew Ciolek
Irena M. Goltz igoltz@dpie.gov.au

This set of pages keeps track of online resources relevant for evaluation, development and administration of high quality factual/scholarly networked information systems.

Please mail tmciolek@ciolek.com if you know of a resource suitable for inclusion within this Virtual Library. Conversely, please notify maintainers of this document if you feel that any of the URLs listed on this page is no longer good enough to be registered here. Your feed-back will be gratefully appreciated.

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Information Quality - Table of Contents
Building Quality non-WWW Resources
[ftp, telnet, databases, mailing lists]
Building Quality WWW Resources
[design, development & administration of Web systems]
Quality Info.Systems - Catalogue of Potent Truisms
[self-evident truths, 'motherhood-is-good' observations, etc.]
Evaluation of Information Resources
Maintained since 7 May 96
by A.Smith (Alastair.Smith@vuw.ac.nz)
Internet Studies
[history, social, political and cultural issues of the Internet]
The Best of 1996 Social Sciences & Asian-Pacific Studies WWW Resources
[3rd annual online competition]
Top 10 Ways to Make Your WWW Service a Flop
[advice on creating roaring digital disasters]
E-References & E-Citations
Maintained since 18 Apr 96
by A.Greenhill (A.Greenhill@hum.gu.edu.au)
See also K-12 Academic References
See also Citation Styles for Electronic Media
[It includes a weekly DQ/IQ newsletter]
Maintained since 1 Jun 97
by Jim Hurysz (dqemail@aol.com)
Info Quality - Definitions
[some current attempts at a working definition]
E-Publishing & Info Quality
[scholarly work on improving quality of the networked information]
User Interface Design Issues
[designing for real-life users with real-life computers]
Web Development Quality
Maintained since 2 Jul 96
by J.December (decemj@rpi.edu)
Ethics & Netiquette
[rights and obligations of designers, publishers and readers. Online privacy and copyright issues]
Conventions, Guidelines & Standards
[towards a 'grammar' of a useful info system]

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Info-Quality-L electronic forum

Info-Quality-L@coombs.anu.edu.au forum was established in 1996 by the Coombs Computing Unit, Research School of Social Sciences, ANU to provide a world-wide communications vehicle and a central electronic archive for exchange of information dealing with the criteria, guidelines, standards, conventions and operational procedures for evaluation, design, development and management of high quality online, especially WWW, information resources.

To join the forum send e-mail
to: majordomo@coombs.anu.edu.au
message: subscribe Info-Quality-L your-e-mail-address

The complete set of messages posted to the forum is available online from the ANU-Info-Quality-L wais data base. The data base is updated every 24 hrs.
[Netscape 2.0 has problems with accessing the database which works OK with Netscape 1.0]

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