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Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library

The Internet Guide to Buddhism and Buddhist Studies

Edited by Dr T.Matthew Ciolek and Prof. Joe Bransford Wilson,
in conjunction with other virtual librarians.

[Est.: 5 September 1994. Last updated: 10 May 1998. This document keeps track of leading information facilities in the fields of Buddhism and Buddhist studies. Please register any new resources or mail tmciolek@ciolek.com if you are interested in administering any specific area within this Virtual Library (VL). Your input will be gratefully appreciated.

This research tool is provided by www.ciolek.com and is regularly updated. The page optimised for transmission speed, not for fancy looks. This month's additions are marked "***". Currently this and related pages provide direct WWW links to 323 specialist information facilities world-wide. All links are inspected and evaluated before being added to this Virtual Library.
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Buddhist Studies - Table of Contents
Buddhism Internet Resources: Meta-Register
[Sources of information about Buddhist studies networked resources]
Buddhism Major WWW Sites
[Academic institutions as well as selected personal and non-academic sites that provide information useful to the study of Buddhism (Ambedkar, Chinese, Early B., Korean, Nichiren, Pure Land, Shingon, Tendai, Theravada, Western, Vajrayana, Vietnamese, Yogacara, Zen). Site administered since 16 Dec 96 by Dr Joe Wilson (wilsonj@uncwil.edu) ]
Buddhist Texts Input/
Translations Projects

[Site administered since 17 Jan 97 by Charles D. Patton, II (cdpatton@aol.com)]
Buddhism Gopher, FTP, Mailing Lists & Chat-Rooms Resources Buddhism & Buddhist Studies databases
[ANU-Asian-Religions, ANU-Cheng-Tao-Ko-Verses, ANU-Dhammapada-Verses, ANU-Tibetan-ACIP-Catalog, ANU-ZenBuddhism-Calendar, ANU-ZenBuddhism-Poetry, Tantric-News]
Electronic Newsletters & Journals

[Catalogs, academic serials, other serials]
Buddhist InfoWeb
[A meta-directory of Buddhist meditation and study centres around the world. Site administered since 27 Jan 98 by Barry Kapke (dharma@dharmanet.org)]
Buddhist Art
[The Huntington Archive, Tibetan paintings, architecture & music; Japanese sculpture, Buddhist Art galleries. Site administered since 13 May 97 by by Janice M. Glowski (glowski.1@osu.edu)]
Other Religions' Networked Resources
[from Adidam (Free Daism) & Alchemy to Voodoo & Zoroastrianism]
Tibetan Studies
WWW Virtual Library

Zen Buddhism
WWW Virtual Library

Tibet Online Bookstore

Zen Online Bookstore

For materials not in this Virtual Library search the Web using links listed with the

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