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This web server specialises in networked scholarly information related to online research, teaching and publishing about Asia and related regions and topics. Its pages are designed for transmission speed and international legibility, not for fancy looks.


We accept corporate sponsorships and commercial advertisements on any of the
pages of any Virtual Library maintained at the WWW.CIOLEK.COM address.

Advertisements can be displayed in a box or strip formats as shown below.
Clicking the box or strip will take the web user to the advertiser's home page.

468x60 banner
details of your address, plus a link to your web site

234x60 banner 140x140 banner
details of your address, plus a link to your web site

The advertisements will be displayed on a monthly, quarterly, six-monthly, nine-monthly,
and annual basis.

  • the banner will be placed in the top, middle and/or at the bottom of a page of your choice
    [Please specify the preferred location. Location is subject to availability.]

  • directly beneath each banner there will be
    • two or three words with details of the advertiser's address
    • an explicit hypertext link connecting to the sponsor/advertiser's Web site
      [this technique boosts advertiser's visibility in major WWW search engines]

  • policy is to carry no more than three (3) banners per page,
    except for the Asian Studies Online Bookshops page which may carry more than 3 advertisements.

WWW.CIOLEK.COM Advertising Rates  (effective from 15 May 1998) 
Banner size              Price* per advertisement banner/per period
468x 60 pixels  $35/1mth  $100/3mths  $189/6mths  $268/9mths  $336/12mths
140x140 pixels  $20/1mth  $ 57/3mths  $108/6mths  $153/9mths  $192/12mths
234x 60 pixels  $15/1mth  $ 37/3mths  $ 70/6mths  $ 99/9mths  $125/12mths
* Prices in US$.  Please note that:
- a discount up to 30% may be offered to organisations actively promoting 
	the independence of Tibet or the Aboriginal Land Rights.
- a 10% discount is offered on each advertisement to those who purchase 
	3 or more concurrent banners.

For additional information on advertising with this site please contact

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