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Only major changes to this web site are recorded here.

02/24/99 Redesign Report Index page
01/09/99 Sutras to be punctuated (Chinese, Big-5)
11/30/98 Chat Room
11/29/98 Bodhi Friends Club and Mailing List
12/20/97 Home page redesigned - EBS logo and background image added
12/06/97 Editor's Notes
12/05/97 EBS Guestbook
11/09/97 Total redesign of whole web site
08/16/97 CD user's Questionnaire (Chinese, Big-5)
08/05/97 EBS Headquarters and local chapters (Chinese, Big-5)
06/22/97 EBS Report Index Page (English)
02/15/97 New and Updated File List (This file)

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