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Historically and geographically speaking, there are three major traditions in Buddhism. First of all, Theravada, or Southern Buddhism, practiced in most South Asia. Secondly, Mahayana, or Northern Buddhism, practiced mostly in China, Japan and Korea. Last but by no means least, Vajrayana, or Tibetan Buddhism, practiced mostly in, you guessed it, Tibet.

First part of this page is dedicated to web sites with documents in English. All sites listed in this part are categorized in either one of the three major traditions, or Non-sectarian. Second part of this page is the collection of web sites that are either established by Chinese or constructed with most documents in Chinese.


  1. Access to Insight: Gateways to Theravada Buddhism
  2. Buddha Dhamma by Ajahn Chah
  3. Buddhism on Web [ Thailand ]
  4. Dhammakaya Buddhist Meditation Foundation [ Thailand ]
  5. Dynamic Meditation
  6. Fundamental Buddhism Explained
  7. Vipassana Meditation
  8. Vipassana Research Publications of America


  1. Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen's Homepage
  2. Ch'an Meditation Center [ Taiwan ]
  3. Electronic Bodhidharma [ Japan ]
  4. Hwa Dzan Pure Land Learning Center [ Taiwan ]
  5. Zen Mountain Monastery
  6. Zen@SunSITE


  1. Dharma Haven [ CT, USA ]
  2. Karma Triyana Dharmachakra [ NY, USA ]
  3. Nyingma Institute
  4. Quiet Mountain (Nyingma-pa, Sakya-pa, Kagyud-pa and Gelug-pa)
  5. Shambhala Meditation Center
  6. Shambhala Publications
  7. Snow Lion Publications
  8. Tibetan Buddhist Learning Center [ NJ, USA ]


  1. Australian National University Buddhist Academy [ Australia ]
  2. BuddhaNet [ Australia ]
  3. Buddhism in Toronto [ Canada ]
  4. Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation
  5. Buddhist Door [ Canada ]
  6. Buddhist Library [Singapore]
  7. Center for Buddhist Studies, National Taiwan University [ Taiwan ]
  8. CyberSangha
  9. DharmaNet International
  10. Dharma Realm Buddhist Association
  11. Electronic Buddhist Text Initiative
  12. Hsi Lai Temple - International Buddhist Progress Society [ CA, USA ]
  13. Journal of Buddhism Ethics
  14. Peng's Buddhist Resource File
  15. Philadelphia Buddhist Association
  16. Tricycle: The Buddhist Review
  17. UK Association for Buddhist Studies [UK]
  18. UK Buddhist Addresses [UK]

Chinese Buddhism Resources

Web sites that are either established by Chinese or constructed with most documents in Chinese.
(C) - Chinese only, (C & E) - provide both Chinese and English versions

  1. 人間佛教
    Live Buddhism
    [Hong Kong] (C)
  2. 人間淨土
    Pure Land on Earth
    [Taipei, Taiwan] (C)
  3. 天台宗全球資訊網
    Tien-Tai WWW
    [Taiwan] (C)
  4. 台北市佛教青年會
    Taipei Young Buddhist Association
    [Taipei, Taiwan] (C)
  5. 台灣大學佛學研究中心
    Center for Buddhist Studies, NTU [Taipei, Taiwan] [ Ohio, USA ] [ Heidelberg, Germany ] (C & E)
  6. Chinese Buddhist Internet Resources
  7. 佛光山全球資訊網
    Fokuangshan Buddhist Order On-Line
    [Taiwan] (C)
  8. 西來寺 - 國際佛教促進會
    Hsi Lai Temple - International Buddhist Progress Society
    [CA, USA] (C & E)
  9. 西藏佛教研究中心
    Tibetan Buddhism Research Center
    [CA, USA] (C & E)
  10. 佛友資訊
    For You Information [ Singapore ] (C & E)
  11. 佛教經典系列 [Taiwan] [ MIT, MA ] (C)
  12. 佛網 [Taiwan] (C)
  13. 金色蓮花全球資訊網
    Golden Lotus World Wide Web
    [Taiwan] (C)
  14. 法鼓山全球資訊網
    Association of Dharma Drum Mountain
    [Taiwan] (C)
  15. 東初禪寺
    Ch'an Meditation Center
    [NY, USA] (C & E)
  16. 法印寺 - 佛教正信會
    Buddhist Ortho-Creed Association
    [CA, USA] (C)
  17. 法音 - 中國佛教協會
    The Voice of Dharma
    [Beijin, China] (C)
  18. 美中佛教會進修中心
    Mid America Buddhist Association
  19. 香光尼眾佛學院
  20. 馬來西亞佛教青年總會
    Young Buddhist Association of Malaysia
    [Malaysia] (C)
  21. 淨空法師講記專集
    Collected Talks of Teacher Chin Kung
    [Taiwan] (C & E)
  22. 普賢講堂如來網
    Chinese Dharma Online
    [Taiwan] (C)
  23. 陳健民上師主頁
    Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen's Homepage
    (C & E)
  24. 萬佛城
    Dharma Realm Buddhist Association (C & E)
  25. 慈濟功德會
    Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu-Chi Foundation [ Taiwan ] [ Los Angeles, USA ] [ San Jose, USA ] (C & E)
  26. 福德海雙月刊
    Ocean of Merit
  27. 靈山小站
    Vulture Peak Station
    [Malaysia] (C)
  28. 智慧之光 [Hu-Pei, China] (C)
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