How to View Chinese

For MS Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 Users

To view Big-5 code resources, you can use MS CWindows 3.1 (MS Windows 3.1 Traditional Chinese Version) or MS Windows 3.1 / Windows 95 (English Version) with a Big-5 code Chinese shell.

To view GB code resources, you can use MS PWindows 3.2 (MS Windows 3.1 Simplified Chinese Version) and MS Windows 95 Chinese GBK version, or MS Windows 3.1 / Windows 95 (English Version) with a GB code Chinese shell, like Cstar 2.0+ for Windows3.1 and Windows95.

To view more CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) resources, you can download a copy of Unionway or NJ Star. They support most of the Chinese codes described above (Chinese GB and Big-5 , Japanese EUC JIS and Shift-JIS , Korea KSC, even Unicode).

To view CJK resources in Internet, you'd better choose a WWW browser that doesn't conflict with Chinese system, such as Netscape Navigator 2.0 or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

And there are some Chinese platforms support Big-5 codes, like Richwin 4.2 for Windows3.1 / Windows95 and TwinBridge -- Chinese Partners 4.0.

For Apple/Macintosh and Unix Users

Apple / Macintosh users can click here to get a Chinese viewer. If you are using Unix , Click Read Big-5 Chinese using Netscape 2.0.

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